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5 Must-Haves in Kitchen Remodeling

kitchen remodeling

Have you finally decided to give your kitchen a long-overdue makeover? That’s great and our Maryland kitchen remodeling experts from Dun-Rite will be happy to lend you a hand. We’ve remodeled numerous Maryland kitchens over the years and kept in touch with our clients. Below are some of the kitchen improvements and features many homeowners are most happy about after completing the remodel. If you find something you like, get in touch and we’ll help you implement it in your new kitchen.

Under-cabinet Lighting

No matter how much natural light you have in your kitchen, built-in under-cabinet lighting is a must-have. Imagine trying to fill up a measuring cup without clearly seeing the waterline. Or grabbing the wrong kind of spice by accident due to poor lighting. There are LED light strips you can buy and stick under your cabinets with velcro. But who wants to deal with constantly switching batteries because you forgot to turn the light off? If you are remodeling your kitchen, consider having your contractor install under-cabinet lighting. It’s a relatively easy add-on that will make your kitchen a lot more usable!

In-Island Sink

If you have a kitchen island or plan on adding one, be sure to include an in-island prep sink, whether it’s a small one or a full-size sink. It will make prepping food and cleaning up a lot easier, especially if you often have cooking helpers. A sink is one of the 3 elements in a “kitchen triangle,” which means at least 1/3 of our activity in the kitchen revolves around a sink. When you have 2 sinks, you don’t have to wait to use one or compete for who gets to use it first. In a large and busy household, an in-island sink is a big time-saver and a matter of convenience.

Recessed Refrigerator

Refrigerators keep getting bigger and bigger, which is nice if you cook for a large family. However, it’s often problematic to find a good spot for a big fridge, especially in a small kitchen. Even in a big kitchen a big bulky fridge often feels overpowering and gets in the way. If you have wide walls, you may have enough room to recess the fridge and make it almost flush with the counter. If you are replacing your kitchen cabinets and countertops, you can even have a custom built-in for your new fridge.

Tucked Away Trash and Recycling

Trash cans are unsightly: the practical ones are ugly and the prettier ones are small and dysfunctional. Besides, who wants to pay hundreds of dollars for a trash can based on its looks? That’s why tucking away your trash and recycling containers inside lower cabinets is a great solution for many homeowners. You can buy the most basic trash can and not worry about it needing a lid or ruining your kitchen design. If you are concerned about opening the trash cabinet with dirty hands, don’t be. There are hardware options for hands-free manipulation of the trash/recycling slide-out.

Appliance Storage

Kitchen appliances make life easier, but at the same time they tend to clutter kitchen counters and cabinets. Between the mixer, the microwave, the toaster, the coffee maker, the slow cooker and that fancy smoothie blender, there is just not enough room for them all! The counter is usually reserved for 2-3 most-used appliances, and the rest of them should be hidden from view, yet remain easily accessible. This is often challenging and requires special consideration on the kitchen design stage. Some people opt for an “appliance garage,” which is traditionally a space on the counter where you can hide your appliances behind a garage-like “door” that lifts up. Others prefer to have specialized cabinet or drawer space for their appliances. Whatever you decide to do, our Maryland kitchen remodeling specialists will be happy to help you implement it!

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