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Carroll County Attic Contractor

carroll county attic repair services

Many people overlook just how valuable their attic can be.  They see it as just the top of the house, maybe somewhere that you can throw a couple of cardboard boxes of your things.  But at Dun-Rite, we know that an attic can be so much more than that.  It can actually be converted into a usable space or upgraded to provide better insulation.

Living Space

If your attic is large enough, it can actually be converted to a livable space.  By putting in floors, walls, and electrical elements you can turn your dark, musty attic into a beautiful new room – even a bedroom.

Energy Efficiency

As you probably already know, heat rises.  Because of this, the attic is where most of your heat will eventually escape from.  By adding insulation, vents, and repairing leaks, you can make your attic more energy efficient and keep that heat in when you need it or vent it out when you don’t.

In addition to these services, Dun-Rite can build, install, remodel, repair, and upgrade the following:

  • -Dormers
  • -Pull-down Stairs
  • -Flooring
  • -Insulation
  • -Ridge & Gable Vents
  • -Repair Leaks
  • -Whole house fan
  • -Living Space

If you’d like to convert your attic into something worthwhile, Dun-Rite can help.

"From the very start until the last project was completed, everything went smoothly. Everything was completed in a reasonable time at a reasonable cost, and you could clearly tell the work was performed by a professional." Continue Reading

Lesley and David Young July 28, 2017

Experienced Contractors

At Dun-Rite, we pride ourselves on being professional and getting the job done right.  We’re sensitive to your needs and will work with you to create a home improvement project that fits your style, budget, and overall goals.

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