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Carroll County Exterior Remodeling

Our Exterior Remodeling Portfolio

The exterior of your home is the first thing that your visitors see. It gives an initial impression of how much you care about your house and how much effort you’ve put into improving it. Is your siding starting to look worn and beaten? Is your yard nothing but bland grass? Small considerations like these can cause your home to look old and broken down, which is not how you want to feel about the place you live in that you spent so much money for. Fortunately, there are a number of exterior remodeling services that can turn your boring, aging home into a vibrant and interesting one.

Enhance Your Exterior

The exterior of your home is an expression of yourself to the outside world. It can be an inviting, gorgeous structure that provides you and your visitors with a warm, comfortable feeling. Or, conversely, it can be an unappealing place that is an eyesore to passerbys. Which one would you rather have?


carroll county exterior remodeling

Decks are one of the most popular outdoor construction projects.  Decks can be made from a variety of different materials, each with its own set of benefits.  They are great for relaxing outdoors and can be decorated with a range of furniture and other items.



Outdoor lighting can serve a number of different purposes.  It can allow you to spend more time outside in your backyard even after the sun has set. It can also provide a decorative purpose and accent parts of your house or property. Additionally, lighting can be a security measure to keep unwanted visitors away from your home with the fear of being spotted.

Dun-Rite Contractors provides exterior remodeling services which include assembling, building, installing, and repairing the following:

  • -Arbors & Pergolas
  • -Awnings
  • -Gutters & Downspouts
  • -Shutters
  • -Bridges & Ramps
  • -Dormers
  • -Lighting
  • -Siding
  • -Gazebos
  • -Decks
  • -Roofing
  • -Soffits & Fascia
  • -Patios & Porches
  • -Grading
  • -Sheds, Barns, & Out-Buildings
  • -Electrical
  • -Fencing
  • -Painting/Staining

Transforming your home can be as simple as replacing your shutters or as elaborate and exciting as installing a new pergola. The large variety of outdoor and exterior projects available lets you add a creative, personal touch to your home.

"Scott of Dun-Rite Contractors has been instrumental in leading our volunteer projects, cares deeply about the people we serve, and is skilled in all areas of construction."

Bryan Lyburn Carroll Habitat for Humanity October 8, 2014

Experienced Contractors

At Dun-Rite, we pride ourselves on being professional and getting the job done right. We’re sensitive to your needs and will work with you to create a remodeling project that fits your style, requirements, and overall goals.

If you think that your home exterior or yard could benefit from a remodel, give us a call today or fill out the form below.

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