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Windows and doors are not only a functional aspect of your home, but they are an aesthetic element that reflects the style of your home.  Windows and doors come in a wide variety of looks, colors, and styles and can be used to enhance the appearance of your home and even save you money.


Windows are available in a plethora of styles, colors, wood types, and shapes.  They can also come in a variety of thicknesses and material types, some of which are more energy efficient.  In addition to the window itself, the frame can be customized as well as the screen inside of it.  The proper trim on your window can really bring attention to your home and accent an otherwise boring house.


The door is the entrance to your home and serves as a first impression.  Doors, like windows, are available in a large variety of styles, materials, shapes, and colors and can be used to enhance your home and even make it more secure.  Doors also vary according to their use – a front door and a storm door vary greatly in both appearance and purpose.

Dun-Rite is a window and door contractor that can install, repair, replace, and upgrade the following elements of your home:

  • -Entry Door
  • -Fire Door
  • -Garage Doors
  • -Garage Openers
  • -Handles
  • -Locks & Latches
  • -Painting
  • -Re-glazing
  • -Trim
  • -Screens
  • -Sealing & Caulking
  • -Shutters
  • -Skylights
  • -Storm Doors
  • -Storm Windows

Upgrading your windows or doors can transform your home into a beautiful residence. The wide variety available means that you don’t have to sacrifice your preferences for the right features. Dun-Rite can work with you to pick out the right elements for your house and install them for you.

Clearly, it wasn’t "just an install.” It was “done right” and cleaned up better than I had seen anyone do when performing any job at our home. Scott aimed all the way at making it the best installation for us. And I must say that he is the most polite and consistently compassionate and kind man in the business. Continue Reading

Lisa and John Kelly July 28, 2017

Experienced Contractors

At Dun-Rite, we pride ourselves on being professional and getting the job done right.  We’re sensitive to your needs and will work with you to create a home improvement project that fits your style, budget, and overall goals.

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