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We have over 35 years in new construction & remodeling.


We offer remodeling services that meet ADA standards for freedom of those aging in place.


Based in Carroll County and surrounding areas, including: Frederick, Howard, Montgomery, & Baltimore.

Custom Home Construction

A common misconception about custom home construction is that it will be far outside of a potential home-buyer’s budget. Truth be told, a professionally built custom home in Maryland can actually end up costing you less than purchasing and remodeling an existing home. With costs being essentially the same, the only real difference is that a custom home will give you the ability to customize your entire home from the ground-up.

Is Custom Home Construction Right for Me?

Custom home construction offers many benefits in comparison to purchasing a pre-existing home. First, you will be able to get exactly the home you want in the location you want. When purchasing a pre-built home you will either have to sacrifice on features, location, or budget.

Additionally, having a custom home builder in Maryland create you a new new custom home is a great option because the home will be maintenance-free for many years. This means all brand-new appliances, energy efficient materials, and a design which matches current trends—not the design tastes of years past.

Our New Home Construction Process:

  1. Discuss your desires, dreams, and requirements for your new home
  2. Assess the build-site
  3. Draw up a design of your new custom home
  4. Get your approval on the design, and then get to work
  5. We obtain all the permits
  6. We oversee the entire construction process while keeping you in the loop

"The experience I’ve had working with Dun-Rite Contractors is the most pleasant and totally satisfying experience I have ever had in dealing with persons and companies in your line of work."

Dr. E. Schoenrich October 8, 2014

No two custom homes will end up exactly the same. As such, it’s important to partner with an experienced Maryland custom home contractor who has the industry experience and skill to complete any project without a hiccup.

Here at Dun-Rite Contractors, we are a Maryland custom home construction contractor who can help you complete a custom home efficiently and to your standards while at an affordable price. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality, and our customers will vouch for us. So if you’re on the market for custom home construction in Maryland, trust the local experts at Dun-Rite Contractors with your dream home.

Dun-Rite Builds Relationships With Our Clients and Our Community.

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