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Lisa and John Kelly

John and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks for a job thoroughly well-done. When our new, beautiful upgrade of a door was installed (from a different installer) six years ago, it was the beginning of a nightmare for us. We hadn’t had any problems with our previous door, but this beautiful door which was purchased in order to beautify our home soon began to leak water during storms, ruin the floor in the entrance way, and over a few years’ time moved so much that not only was every board in the frame unplumb, but the door finally wouldn’t even stay closed when we left the house, making our home and possessions unsafe. It took many meetings with contractors/installers, millworkers, hardware store managers, and one home insurance agent over the course of a year’s time to finally get to the bottom of what was indeed wrong — it was originally installed incorrectly. The frame was twisted, out of plumb, and unlevel from the very beginning, and the top had not even been screwed in at all. The entire system was moving further out of alignment for six years’ time.

When we met Scott Wallace, of Dunrite, we knew immediately that he had the experience to take out the existing door system and put in a new one accurately. Scott, unlike others, said everything that we knew was wrong with the door. He outlined the numerous problems, recommended the correct way to proceed, and demonstrated his expertise with the management of the job at hand. Scott agreed to write up everything in order to assist us in efforts of finalizing a grievance with the company who originally installed the door. Scott came in the early fall and caulked around the door and an adjoining overhead window in order to get us through the cold months until it was warm enough to install a brand new door. He measured precisely to guarantee ordering a system that fit our opening. He waited to schedule the installation until the weather was warm enough to do the job right.

When the installation day came, Scott and his assistant Frank were wonderful. Scott had briefed his assistant so that both knew all the agony that we had been through with the existing door. Both men worked with such tag-team diligence to make certain that everything was secure, accurate, precise, and clean, and that we would finally be happy with our new door system. They involved me in the process by discussing preferences at crucial points. They spent eight hours at our home that day — more than double the time that the original installer had spent. The job was unrushed and carefully performed, taking measurements constantly for accuracy. Clearly, it wasn’t “just an install.” It was “done right” and cleaned up better than I had seen anyone do when performing any job at our home. Scott aimed all the way at making it the best installation for us. And I must say that he is the most polite and consistently compassionate and kind man in the business. Even his assistant raved about Scott as the best foreman he has ever had the pleasure of working alongside. When the job was completed and Scott was asked to stop by to check the door, he came right away, assuring us that we could be confident that Scott Wallace was indeed the right man for the job. We thank you, Scott, Bonnie, and Frank for a beautiful, functional, and secure door installation. We will be sure to use you in the future when we consider another important project. Thank you.

Lisa and John Kelly July 28, 2017

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